New Age Chainmail


Chainmail is the art of linking metal rings to one another in flexible chains for decorations, jewelry, and armor. 

It is backdated to the 3rd Century A.D inspired by scale armor. It originated in the Celts and was used as jewelry pieces by ancient Egyptians and the Vikings. It is the form of body armor worn by the European Knights and the military men throughout the medieval period. It protected the body from being cut by a blade and some degree provided comfort to the wearer. 

The oldest chainmail found and preserved is in Northern Europe. It was used by the Germanic Mercenaries of the Roman army. 


21th Century

Chainmail is making a statement in the fashion industry. It is being used by celebrities like Rhianna, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Jordan Dunn, Bella Hadid, and Lily Donaldson were spotted wearing chainmail at special events. 

Kendall Jenner wore a chainmail outfit for her 21st birthday bash which made headlines all over the world for her custom-made chainmail dress. 

Due to the flexibility of the new materials being used chainmail can be lightweight and more accommodating with modern designs. Chainmail had its glory at the 2019 Met Gala where Gema Chan, Sierra Miller, and the Tilda Swinton rocked their Shimmering metallic ensembles. 

Everything from chokers, belts, sexy dresses, halter tops, jewelry, neckties, and accessories can be made with chainmail and made to make you feel sexy, powerful, elite, and extravagant. 



XIXEIGHTYSIX uses fine materials for the pieces of jewelry and garments. Each rings are examined for quality and color prior to it being assembling the pieces. 

The rings are tumbled and polished with different types of media for a clean, shiny, and finished product. 

We use 304 stainless steel, copper, jewelers brass, bronze, German gold, niobium, titanium, and anodized aluminum. Specific precious metals can be ordered please us know before placing an order.  

Hypoallergenic metals are 24 k gold, sterling silver, copper, niobium, titanium, and stainless steel. They do not contain nickel or have a small amount. 

Meet the Artist


I'm originally from the Philippines, I came here when I was 7 years old, America was a new world to me. I was always told growing up, America is where dreams are made. No matter where I was, I always held my grandma near my heart. She was a seamstress and a really great one too. She could look at an outfit just by glance and replicate it. I used to watch her sketch, form, sew and finish beautiful dresses. I shadowed her morning, day, and night as she lost herself in her projects. I never understood how, but once she was done, it was magic! She was like the fairy Godmother in Cinderella, she be-be-di-ba-ba-de bo! I tried to pick up fabrics and sew for a long time. It never clicked in me, until I found the connection that brought me back to my grandmother, which was when I picked up 2 sets of pliers and started connecting small little tiny jump rings together. I connected and connected and I made a sheet, from that sheet I turned it into an outfit. In discovering this form of art, I found myself the person I lost for years with each chain I linked together! I felt lost for a long time and building my jewelry and outfits brought my soul back into life. It gave me a purpose and a talent I want to share with you. Why XIXEIGHTYSIX was created. The reason behind XIXEIGHTYSIX, aside from the fact this is the year I was born, I always share this year with my best friend, the air to my lungs, and the right side of my heart. This was the year that brought him into this world to be with me. He is my inspiration and the oxygen to my fire. Each of my pieces are presented in a beautiful handmade wooden box, because my pieces are not just jewelry you wear, but a beautiful piece of artisan history wrapped up with new flare and my gift to you.